Solution for Amazon delivery thieves 

Ordering from online stores is reaching new highs in America, and this trend is only heading higher and higher. All those orders are usually being delivered in the hours when there is nobody home, and [..]

Venezuela and Socialism

Did you know that 60 years ago Venezuela was 2 times richer than China? 4 times richer than Japan? It was the 4th ranked world economy (1st in Latin America). It’s currency was 2nd only [..]

Is Transamerica / WFG a pyramid scheme?

I have received many questions from people about getting into financial industry after being approached by a friend or family member about joining Transamerica / WFG. They are scared and search internet to read more about [..]

Alison Ettel aka “Permit Patty”

The background on the situation. Alison Ettel approached 8 year old girl and her aunt who were selling watter on the sidewalk outside of Alison’s apartment in San Francisco. When Alison approached them, she asked [..]

Why so far away?

I do not understand why people stop on the Stop Light really far away from the white line/ 1st sidewalk line. I have seen people stop really far away and wait.. and wait.. and wait, [..]

Is Trump a success or a failure?

Some people praise Donald Trump, some people hate him, but lets examine his life, is he really a success or a failure? Donald Trump, list of failures Donalt Trump started: Trump Airlines ……… FAILED Trump [..]

Why do we hate?

Why do people hate other people simply based on their look, where they come from or what language they speak? It is beyond my understanding why some people hate other people simply based on something [..]