Is Trump a success or a failure?

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Some people praise Donald Trump, some people hate him, but lets examine his life, is he really a success or a failure?

Donald Trump list of failures.
Donald Trump list of failures.
Donald Trump, list of failures

Donalt Trump started:

Trump Airlines ……… FAILED

Trump Casinos ……… FAILED

Trump Marriages ….. FAILED

Trump Mortgage ….. FAILED

Trump University …. FAILED

Trump Vodka ………. FAILED

China Connection … FAILED

Bankruptcies ……….. FOUR

So looking at this list, one might say that Donal Trump is a big failure.

But that is a list that losers look at, anybody that is successful knows that in order to accomplish anything, one must be able to take risk. And if one fails, one must have enough guts to get up and do it again. Looking at the list of Donald’s failures, one can’t help but be impressed with Donald’s perseverance, he must have balls of iron. Most people might have given up after one or two failures, he continues on and on. Which makes him succeed.

Moral of the story, don’t be hater, if you want to succeed, don’t give up after failing. Only way to succeed is to try..try..and try again until you succeed.

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