Facts about COVID

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The problem with opinions about COVID, Vaccines and masks, is that people are talking about their beliefs. Beliefs are like a-holes, everyone has one, but hardly anyone has any facts to back up their opinions.
According to WHO, of all the people that contract Covid-19, about 50% are asymptomatic.
From the group that has symptoms, about 50% have very mild symptoms.
From there another 50% Moderate and another 50% Severe.
So just looking at these numbers, probability of death is very low. And once you get it, you become naturally immune. But that is not the end of story, according to CDC, out of all deaths, 94% had pre-existing health conditions.
Keep in mind that above statistics fly out the window if you are over 65 or have pre-existing conditions. That is why all of my elderly family members are vaccinated. But for myself, I will take my chances with natural immunity rather than take experimental mRNA vaccine.
And if anyone says that Covid vaccine is not experimental?

Unlike traditional vaccines, COVID mRNA vaccine is a first mRNA vaccine approved for human use. (A very rushed approval). I know it has been tested on animals for past 15 years (with varying results), but this is a first large study on humans. I would rather wait to see long term results before I get jabbed.
If anyone is interested, I am willing to give up my space in line for the shot


If you don't question what you hear, you will believe anything. Don't be a sucker, don't believe the first thing you hear.

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