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Solution for Amazon delivery thievesĀ 

Ordering from online stores is reaching new highs in America, and this trend is only ...
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Is Norway really a Democratic Socialist Utopia?

Be very careful of "cherry picked" data, it can always be manipulated to support someone's ...
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Venezuela and Socialism

Did you know that 60 years ago Venezuela was 2 times richer than China? 4 ...
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Is Transamerica / WFG a pyramid scheme?

I have received many questions from people about getting into financial industry after being approached ...
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Sams Club announces they will now carry Polish Dog

A week after Costco announced they will stop offering, wild popular Polish dog, Sams Club ...
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Costco is removing Polish dog from their food court menu

Last week Costco announced that they are taking, very popular Polish hot dog, out from ...
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Alison Ettel aka “Permit Patty”

The background on the situation. Alison Ettel approached 8 year old girl and her aunt ...
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Why so far away?

I do not understand why people stop on the Stop Light really far away from ...
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Is Trump a success or a failure?

Some people praise Donald Trump, some people hate him, but lets examine his life, is ...
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Why do we hate?

Why do people hate other people simply based on their look, where they come from ...
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Gun Shootings in American schools

Society has changed a lot in last century. With all the changes changes, there are ...
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Janet Jackson

Sex is Bad but Violence is OK in America, the new norm

Why is there so much violence in America today? American Culture is upside down, nobody ...
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