Sex is Bad but Violence is OK in America, the new norm

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Why is there so much violence in America today?

American Culture is upside down, nobody complains about how much violence there is in our media. Every day there are killings on prime-time TV. Shows like CSI Miami, CSI Las Vegas, Bones and many others TV show have  killings and dismembered bodies every day, and that is seen OK and nobody complains.

But you have Janet Jackson experiencing a “wardrobe malfunction” during a Super bowl half time show and we get to see her nipple. A big outrage after that and Janet and CBS had to pay big fines.

Come on, seriously? What the hell is wrong with American culture? Killings and dismembered of bodies on TV every day are OK, but we see a nipple and people have a fit? This is really messed up.

Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, nipplegate

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