Solution for Amazon delivery thieves “porch pirates”

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Ordering from online stores is reaching new highs in America, and this trend is only heading higher and higher. All those orders are being delivered during hours when there is nobody home, and the driver has no choice but to leave the delivery  by the door. This is creating new epidemic of thieves, “porch pirates”, taking advantage of the easy pickings of deliveries just sitting there waiting to be taken.

Unfortunately, unless someone is home during delivery, there is not much that can be done to stop the thieves. If we can’t prevent the thieves, we can get even with them. Here is a brilliant idea on how to get even with the thieves.

  1. Once you receive a delivery, remove contents and keep the box. Remove any label from the box that has your name on it, so the  thieves will not have a record of who is pranking them.
  2. Fill empty Amazon delivery box with your stinky kitchen garbage, kitty litter, dirty diapers, or be creative 💩😃.
  3. Set the box in front of your door when you leave in the morning, and let the fun begin.
  4. When you return from work and box is gone, you know the thieves took the bate.

This will allow you to not only prank the thieves, it will make thieves provide you with free garbage removal service.

Have fun 🙂

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