Is Norway really a Democratic Socialist Utopia?

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Norway Democratic Socialims VS USA

Be very careful of “cherry picked” data, it can always be manipulated to support someone’s opinion. Chart above says 38.52% personal tax rate, but that does not include additional Social Security tax rate of 22.3% (total of 60.82%). Also Norway has one of the highest VAT (Sales Tax) rate of 25% (compare that to California 9%). And it only works in Norway because they have homogeneous population that share common vision, so things can get agreed on and done. Unlike in San Francisco, city spends over $250 Million a year for homeless (Plus additional $20 million in federal funding). All that for estimated homeless population in San Francisco of 7000. Even with all that money, nothing substantial gets done because they have constant arguments on how to spend the money. What was the latest idea? City funded Safe drug injection sites? What’s next, City funded Safe sex sites?

Other things that are wrong with the table above:

* GDP of $75,500 vs. $59,500 per person

It can’t be compared since Norway has huge oil and natural gas production and supplies 25% of entire Europe natural gas needs. And Norway only has population of 5 million. So yes, with big production and low population, GDP will look big per person. Just imagine how big USA economy really is in order to have GDP of $59,500 per person with population of 325 million.

* No security for seniors

This is not true, government does provide Social Security benefits and Medicare. It might not be great benefits, but statement that “no security” is plain wrong. In addition to Social security, many people also have 401K/ pensions from their work.

* No paid parental leave

This statement depends on the state you live in. For an example, California does provide 6 weeks of paid maternity leave and 6 weeks of paternity leave.

See video below that explains more about Scandinavian high tax rate.

 is Scandinavia so expensive?


Also, just in case you are unable to see chart above, here is what it says:


Norway Democratic socialism United States Unfettered Capitalism
* Poverty rate – 10% * Poverty Rate – 29%
* Life expectancy of 81.7 years * Life expectancy of 79.6 years
* Infant mortality 2 per 1,000 births * Infant mortality 5.7 per 1,000 births
* A murder rate of 0.51 per 100,000 * A murder rate of 4.74 per 100,000
* Incarcerations: 74 per 100,000 * Incarcerations: 860 per 100,000
* GDP of $75,500 per person * GDP of $59,500 per person
* 70% workers protected by Unions * 11.3% workers protected by Unions
* Ranks 2nd – Happiest Country * Ranks 14th – Happiest Country
* Free Universal health care * Unpaid/ Insurance based health care
* Free higher education * Expensive higher education
* Financial security for seniors * No security for seniors
* 83% home ownership * 63% home ownership
* Living wage as minimum * Poverty wage as minimum
* 8 weeks paid vacation per year * No paid vacation per year
* 35 weeks paid parental leave * No paid parental leave
* Average personal tax rate- 38.52% * Average personal tax rate- 37%
No Left or Right winged propaganda here. Truth is always in the middle.

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