Same Immigration issues different countries – USA/India

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Everyone in the USA needs to see this video. It shows that the USA is not the only country that is facing same immigration issue. Proposed solution by Sadhguru Yogi is same as what was proposed by our president.

Don’t believe me? Just listen to this video and whenever you hear India, replace it with USA and when you hear Bangladesh, replace it with Mexico.

My only question is, how can exact same words be praised when they come from Yogi but be treated as racist when coming from Trump?

No Left or Right winged propaganda here. Truth is always in the middle.

2 thoughts on “Same Immigration issues different countries – USA/India

  1. The problem is not with the ideas which are the same but with the presentation. If our country could do as he says and put these plans in place I do not think either party would object. Trump’s language differs greatly from this Yogi. He calls the immigrants rapists and violent and there is no information here about how those trying to enter are turned away in India are treated as compared with this administration’s policies.

    1. Hi Karen,
      I totally agree with you on Trumps presentation style, he does not have any social graces.
      At the same time, everything he says, gets twisted and taken out of context. Like you mentioned “He calls the immigrants rapists and violent” which he never did, he said that about MS13

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